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Design Basics: Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator

February 9, 2019 - February 9, 2019

Adobe® InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator® are a robust set of tools that can answer any number of design needs. However, for newer users, it can be confusing in terms of when to use what program for which project.

Join Gina Gibson, Associate Professor of Digital Media at Black Hills State University, in this hands-on, full-day workshop, as you dive into each of these design tools.

Gina will teach you how to integrate Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator® and InDesign® into a more streamlined and easy to follow workflow, as well as:

• Terms and techniques of graphic design
• When and why to use Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign®
• How to create shapes and lines in Illustrator®
• Manipulating images and basic color correction and determining image quality in Photoshop®
• How to build multiple pages and layouts and how to package files in Indesign®

Participants will be able to follow right along with Gina step-by-step in the Mac Lab at BHSU-Rapid City campus.

Learn how these design tools can help you empower your design sense, work more efficiently together, and save you time.

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Ticket Information: $199

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Name: SD CEO
Email: Mela.Cosme@bhsu.edu
Phone: 6056426948

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