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Summer Stage: Nunsense

June 20, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Thursday through Saturday performances are at 7:30, while Sunday performances are at 2:30.

Nunsense is the last show of Summer Stage’s 2019 season. A convent of 52 nuns is quickly diminished to 19 nuns when their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, made poisonous vichyssoise soup. To raise money to bury the 33 dead nuns, the remaining sisters begin a greeting card company. Once they believe they have enough of money to bury all the dead nuns, Reverend Mother Superior goes on a shopping spree, but much to their dismay, they realize that there are still four more nuns to bury. In a state of panic, they decide the most logical solution is to place their dead sisters in the convent freezer. In a bid to raise money for their last four sisters, Mother Superior, Sister Leo, Sister Hubert, Sister Robert Ann, and Sister Amnesia go to a local high school to put on a show. Everything from singing, tap dancing, and puppetry will take place. Will they raise enough money? Also, do nuns have ears? Join us for an evening of laughter and music in the Woodburn Black Box theatre. Please contact Gabriella Hertz at 605-642-6171 or Bert Juhrend at bert.juhrend@bhsu.edu for tickets or more information regarding the performances.

Ticket Information

Ticket Sales Start: June 12, 2019
Ticket Information: Ticket information: Single tickets: $15 Adults, $13 Seniors, $10 Students, and $7 for ages 17 & under. Season tickets:$35 Adults, $29 Seniors, and $20 for Students & Youth.

Event Contact Information

Name: Gabriella Hertz
Email: Gabriella.Hertz@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
Phone: 605-642-6171

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