Mobile Food Venders Sought for Outlaw Square

Summer 2023 Concert Series


Outlaw Square, operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Deadwood, South Dakota, looks for Mobile Food operators for the Square’s 2023 Wednesday night concert series. Operators are sought for Wednesday’s beginning May 31, 2023 and continuing through August 30, 2023; 13 total Wednesday’s, with no Mobile Food operators August 9, 2023.

Outlaw Square is located in the heart of Historic Deadwood, on the fabled Main Street. The Square is Deadwood’s outdoor entertainment venue and hosts 200+ event dates annually. For the Wednesday night concert series, there is just one food vendor allowed each night.

Outlaw Square seeks mobile vendors that will commit to a 3-week schedule, at a cost of $50 per week. Vendors will keep all their profits. The goal is to have 4 (four) mobile food vendors in place, each committing to three weeks. Again, there would only be one food vendor each Wednesday.

Specific regulatory information is below.

Mobile Food operators include Food Trucks and Food Carts. Food Truck – For the purposes of this request, the term mobile vending shall be defined as any “food truck” as a licensed motor vehicle that has equipment for cooking, preparing, and selling food or beverages. This definition shall not include deliveries of prepared food or beverages by passenger vehicles, vans, or trucks having only devices installed for securing food or beverages during transport and is not equipped with any equipment for food or beverage preparation. Food Cart – For the purposes of this request, the term “food cart” shall be defined as any type of mobile carrier designed to facilitate the sale and marketing of food or beverages and is not defined as a food truck. At no time shall alcoholic beverages be served.

Permitted Period of Operation: Operators will have three consecutive Wednesdays between permitted days of operation between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Mobile food and beverage vendors shall: (1) Operate according to the public health and food safety requirements determined by South Dakota Department of Health. (2) Comply with the fire safety requirements checklist as provided on the mobile food and beverage vending license. (3) Comply with the licensing requirements of the State of South Dakota including food, sales tax, and mobile food and beverage vending.

Mobile food and beverage vendors operating from public streets and sidewalks, or other City-owned property shall maintain commercial general liability insurance with a limit of not less than one million dollars per occurrence and two million dollars general aggregate naming the City of Deadwood and Outlaw Square as an additional insured. A copy of the applicant’s current certificate of insurance shall be provided to Outlaw Square while the license is in effect and notice to the Outlaw Square shall be provided when coverage is terminated.

Licenses shall be subject to revocation by the City Commission for violation of any provisions of city ordinance or state law.

If you are interested in being a food vendor during the 2023 Wednesday Night Concert Series at Outlaw Square, please contact Bobby Rock, Outlaw Square Director, at bobby@outlawsquare.com. Please include the name of your business, the food and beverage offerings you provide, a sample menu with prices and an agreement to adhere to the regulations above.

Thank you for your interest!



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