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Teen Friendly Deadwood

#WildBillMe, outdoor adventures, and more!

“What is there for my children to do?” This is one of the most commonly received questions that we get at the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce. While it’s true that gaming and casinos aren’t the right scene for teenagers and younger children, Deadwood still provides ample opportunity for our younger visitors to play. Our intern Jaci shared her perspective of growing up in Deadwood with us.

As a teenager, it’s possible to feel overlooked Deadwood as we aren’t old enough to do the adult things but we are too old for the little kid activities. Personally as a teenager I find there are many different activities to do while visiting Deadwood. Many activities include being outdoors where the weather and scenery is so beautiful. Deadwood offers a variety of different museums to go look at and gain more information about the town or history of Deadwood and the long lived legends who once came to Deadwood. As a teenager I find myself wanting to be outside and having adventures either with myself or friends and family. Have you ever heard of the beautiful landscapes around Deadwood? Some examples of great hiking spots would be White Rocks, Mount Moriah, the Mickelson trail, and well wherever else you would like to explore. As a teenager, I enjoy pictures and posting them, especially when nobody has seen the landscapes or beauty that Deadwood brings. Selfies are important when it comes to vacations, so why not try out the #WildBillMe program and start snapping some selfies with Wild Bill around town? Teenagers can get their adrenaline pumping by going skiing or snowboarding at the wonderful Terry Peak Ski Resort. In the summer, teenagers can go to the beautiful lakes around Deadwood such as Roubaix and Pactola Reservoir to adventure in the water or to hike around them. Teenagers are all about speed and fun so how about trying out the ATV rentals of the Black Hills and venturing out into the woods for a day. Being a teenager, I love going out into the hills and getting a little muddy with ATV’s. Another great feature about Deadwood is the trail rides for people to go on. Getting to try a new experience riding horses in the hills really excites me. Getting my exercise such as hiking, biking, walking, etc. while being in such a wonderful place of Deadwood is quite the package deal I think. Deadwood has more to offer for teenagers than one would think. So teens, go out and adventure the beautiful historic town of Deadwood and show it off to all your friends!

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